Liv Labs is proud to sponsor the Liv Labs Healthcare Professionals Advisory Council. This council is comprised of Healthcare Professionals that have shown their passion and commitment to the Liv Labs mission of providing premium quality, efficacious products that help people lead a healthy, high quality and productive life.

Meet our Founding Council Members!

Dr. O’Connor discusses the Advisory Council HERE.

Dr. Stephen O’Connor MD


Dr. Stephen O’Connor MD graduated from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan. His post graduate training at the Sinai Hospital of Detroit. He has 33 years as an Emergency Medicine Physician, with over half of those years as a Director of Emergency Services.


He was selected on the list of Pfizer’s “250 Most Positive Doctors in America”, and has served as a clinical preceptor for Medical Residents, Medical Students, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Paramedics.


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“I have been a Medical Specialist on nine mission trips to five different underserved countries. My medical interests lie in Integrative Medicine, with a special emphasis on nutritional and exercise wellness, including specific interests in the benefits of hemp oil extracts.


“I’ve been married to my amazing wife Michelle for 34 years, have five adult children, four beautiful grandchildren, and two dogs. I’ve competed in nine Ironman competitions and two Ironman World Championships. I’ve completed the Leadville 100 mile ultramarathon, as well as numerous other ultramarathons, marathons, and triathlon races.


”I enjoy woodworking, scuba diving, skiing, painting, meditation, and organic gardening. I am a lifelong student and learner.”


A Premium Hemp Oil is, in my opinion, an essential part of a well planned health and wellness strategy— my search for that product ended with Liv Labs. I now have a product line I can put my reputation behind.”


Dr. Amelia Jacang


Dr. Amelia Jacang is a much beloved and renowned Pediatrician who has practiced medicine for over 50 years! She is on the board for numerous medical organizations as well serving as President for local philanthropic societies in Hawaii.


Dr. Fred Benker


Dr. Fred Benker was born and raised in Indiana, before attending Purdue University. Upon graduation from Veterinary School he practiced in a suburb of Indianapolis for 29 years. At that time he sold his practice and moved to Ocala, Florida, where he is practicing at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala specializing in Equine reproduction.

Dr. Oscar Pizarro


Dr. Oscar Pizarro is an Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine specialist. His experience with the product, the business, and his understanding of leading edge health and wellness strategies will add more validation to your business and confidence that you are representing the best hemp oil line on the planet.

Angela Orr


Angela Orr, Registered Pharmacist, graduated from the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy. In the over 40 years of pharmacy she has practiced in various clinical settings including retail, hospital, an insurance company and owning two of her own pharmacies for 15 years. She has been a preceptor for several generations of pharmacists and has mentored many pharmacy technicians and other healthcare students. Angela has also served on the University of New England College of Pharmacy Dean’s Advisory Council.


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“Being part of my profession and helping others in obtaining their best health is such a passion for me. After my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment several years ago I realized that I had not done this for myself. I committed to myself to always quest for better health through all available modalities and methods not only for my patients but for myself.


“Since that time I have become a student of integrated healthcare and functional medicine practice. I believe prescription medication is but a component of healthcare and should be reserved for use after other types of treatment have been utilized. Nutrition is one of the key components to health and wellness. That is part of the reason I am so excited LivLabs and the premium Hemp Oil nutritional products we offer that I believe will increase quality of life for so many customers.


“I am married to a wonderful man Andrew Orr. We enjoy spending time with family especially our grandchildren. We both believe in contribution to our community. I have been involved in many organizations and most recently was on the Hospice of Southern Maine Board of Directors. My husband is part of the Shriners organization and we are avid supporters and contributors to the Shrine Hospitals for Children.”


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